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The Best Fishing Game and Slot Game online

 Fishing games เกม ตก ปา and Slot games are the most popular arcade game in every casino and online casino. It is highly popular among young professionals and adults who just want to play and have fun without thinking critically unlike baccarat blackjack and poker.

Who doesn’t like slots right? If you go to a casino this is the very first attraction that you will see. Some famous casinos even have lines that are waiting for their turn to play slots. They say that slot machines are for old people. Now everyone is playing slots because it is very easy to play. The big jackpots are also what makes this game a casino favorite and a lot are waiting for their turn to have their names on the jackpot winner list.

Another arcade game that is slowly gaining popularity especially in online casino Thailand and in the casino industry around the world, is the fishing game. This game is like a video game for adults. This game will totally bring out the inner child in you. Imagine shooting fishes while earning money? Sounds good right?

Today, you are going to know the best fishing game and slot games that are taking the country by storm. You’ll learn the mechanics and every detail of the game. After this, you might go rushing to the nearest casino or signing up for an online bookie to play this game.

The best fishing game

The most popular fishing game today is none other than, Fu fish. Fu fish is a game that was developed by Skywind Group. It has an underwater theme that is filled with different sea creatures and mythical creatures like the golden dragon. Fishing games don't only refer to fishes. There are other fishing games that have different themes like birds and other creatures. Only the gameplay is still the same, shooting.

  • Gameplay

The first thing that you have to do is to deposit money that will serve as your ammunition for the game. After that, you have to choose between three different game modes. 1-9, 10-90, and 100-1000. These numbers are the best that you can choose. Take note that 1 ammunition is equivalent to a dollar. Meaning if you choose 100-100 a single fire is equivalent to 100$. 1-9 mode only has 1 gun, 10-90 have 2 guns, and 1-100 have three guns.

In order to win money in this game, you should kill different sea creatures that are swimming across your screen. The creatures differ in size and each size has a corresponding amount in them. The creature that has the highest payout is the golden dragon but it is very hard to kill.

Another thing that you have to take note of this game is the different power-ups that can help you gain more money.

  • Paytable

Smallest blue fish - x2

Small yellow fish - x2

Purple fish with wings - x3

Medium blue fish - x4

Medium orange fish - x5

Medium white fish - x6

Jellyfish - x7

Puffer fish - x8

Big yellow fish - x10

Pink stingray - x12

Turtle - x15

Monster fish - x18

Golden boat - x20

Pink fish with wings - x25

Golden coral reef - x30

Blue stingray - x40

Big blue fish - x50

Big yellow black fish - x80

Golden hammerhead shark - x50-500

Golden dragon - x200-888

  • Power ups

Fish with shield - kill this fish and it will give a random multiplier of x5 x3 x2 x4

Bomb - kills all the fish on the screen if there is no fish it will give x5-x5000 randomly

The best slot game

Slot game, the game we love but which slot game is the best among the rest? The answer to that is the wheel fortune. This slot game is created by game provider international Gaming Technology (IGT) which is owned by Scientific Games Corporation (SGI). There are also several games that have been made famous by them. Triple Diamond, Cleopatra, Wolf Run, Golden Goddess, and Pharaoh's Fortune are among their popular games. But the one who stands out the most and is being played by thousands of gamblers around the world is Wheel of Fortune.

  • Gameplay

Just like any other casino game, the first thing you need to do is to deposit money so you can play. After that, all you have to do is just sit back, push the button/lever or push the auto spin button so you can just watch the reels spin. The rest is up to the machine but you have to read the paytable first so that you know what combinations are going to give you the win.

Another amazing feature of the wheel of fortune is the level plus. Every time the gas appears in your spin it will fill up the tank and when it is full you will go on a tour and have a chance to spin the wheel of fortune. There are different levels of the tour that will give you different prizes.

  • Level up plus features

Bonus trigger boost

Spin to win bonus

Multiplied spin

Letter board picker

Expanded top award

Free play free spins

Play it online

Wheel of fortune and fu fish is available on different online bookies. You can play it for free or play it with a bet if you want some thrill. Remember to play it with a bookie that is trusted and has amazing bonuses in their slot and fishing game. That way you will maximize your winning and take the advantage to your side.

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